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Dry, Sun Damaged
This is a luxury Vitamin C facial including a rubberised mask.
1hr £40
This luxurious seaweed and clay facial draws out impurities and regulates skin.
1hr £45            

Mature Skin Spa            
This facial helps to soften fine lines and restructure the skin.
1hr  £42

Advanced Facial              
This stimulates collagen and elastin and releases the build-up of toxins.
Can include vacuum suction or disencrustation, and galvanic processes.
1hr £40

Normal Skin
This is a relaxing facial containing algae.
1hr £35

Creative and OPI Luxury Manicure including paraffin wax mask.
1hr £30

Creative and OPI Luxury Pedicure including paraffin wax mask.
1hr £30

Gel Nails Extensions
A flexible nail extension with a French Manicure look.

Gel Nails Soak-off
A gel colour, cured under UV light, that lasts up to 6 weeks

Hot Stone
Hot Stones are massaged over the body for optimum relaxation.
1hr £40   

Body Scrub
This is an excellent way to slough off dead skin cells, includes moisturise.
1hr £35

Swedish Massage
This is a traditional body massage to help with lymph drainage.
1hr £35                             

Aromatherapy Massage
This is a relaxing massage with a choice of oils.
1hr £38

Detox Wrap
This is a lymphatic draining wrap including sauna and steam.
1.5hrs £50

Seaweed Wrap
This is a treatment that remineralises the skin for softness and health.
1.5hrs £45

Half leg £10

Full leg & bikini £20

Bikini £8

Eyebrow £5

Lip or chin £5

Eyelash Tinting £10

Eyelash Perming £25

£2.50 per half-hour session